TEDx Talk at Columbia University "Why Commit?"

Commitment is an active engagement that entails dedication to an idea, art form, institution, even another human being. The Middle East revolutionary, professional ballerina, unwavering scientist, and devout cleric – what connects them? Each has made a commitment to something bigger than the self. But commitment does not come easily; it is grounded in unrelenting passion and its purpose answers the question, “What stirs us?” At Columbia, we seek to find value in our own lives and search for our own “commitment.” At TEDxColumbiaCollege2014, we will explore, question, and discuss the value and motivation behind various commitments – commitments to a Columbia education, to social progress, to national ideals, to the tenacious pursuit of excellence. “Why commit?” challenges us to articulate exactly what keeps us going, to find a meaningful path forward, and to make sense of the world and people around us.

VideoAnna Roma