"Mondo Cane" debuts at MACRO Rome

a 4x5 grid of large prints (35"x47") from "mondo cane" debut in the festival at Museo d'arte contemporanea di roma (macro)

PORTRAIT : XII Edition of Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma 2014 at Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma (MACRO)

The centrality of the portrait
by Marco Delogu, curator

In 1543, Charles V commissioned Titian to portray his wife Isabella. The practice of the portrait is a complex experience: identity, subject, language and slowness. The "centrality of the artist" is decisive. Titian painted Isabella died four years ago. The photograph portrays living people, only in rare cases, death.

The photography festival is the creation of a huge portrait. It generates other opportunities to experience: meetings, intersections and overlapping of many experiences, emotions and inner lives. Each festival, at different levels, it was this: a symbolic square crossroads of strong and lasting friendships, to know, to love and unfortunately disappeared (the unforgettable Anna Gianesini will be devoted to the lectures of the festival). The thirteenth festival is a huge picture gallery of portraits in which the public interacts with the photographs, the walls recall looks to looks and the whole creates new images. Photographs "lens" that every moment give rise to moving images: this is our care for the "sick" accumulation of images that characterized the last years.


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