Package includes a Special Edition of Plato's Dogs differentiated by the turquoise type on the cover. It is signed by Thomas Roma, Giancarlo Roma, & their dog Tino Roma (the pawprint) and is packaged in a clear plastic box with the giclée print, your choice of 1 of 4 rescue dogs - dogs that don't appear in the book! Limited to an edition of 125, each copy hand stamped with the number (see image). The image size is 4.44" x 6" and they are printed on 8½”" x 11" Museo Max fine art archival paper.

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Plato's Dogs went on press at Grafiche SiZ in Verona this July.

Look for a fall release from powerHouse Books!


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REVOGO Curated by Thomas Roma

Opened on October 10, 2015 at CAIXA Cultural in São Paulo - RUNNING THRU December 6, 2015


Individually, the photographs of “Revogo,” like all of the best photographs, ask more questions than they answer. Seen together, they create an intense and telling portrait of a place in time made by a brilliant photographer of his country. During the three years André Liohn spent photographing the people and neighborhoods of Brazil, he brought the same fearlessness of his well-known and lauded conflict photography to a very personal mission. Focusing his unflinching attention close to home, he draws the viewer through a narrative that at once retains his signature bluntness, exposing the despair of the current state, and expresses a nuanced compassion and tenderness that lays bare his understanding of and attachment to the place. In creating this new, powerful body of work, Liohn, free of the constraint of short form photojournalism, shares his vision of contemporary Brazil over an extended group of photographs, allowing the viewer to experience the depth and complexity of his subject and his creative ability. With these sixty extraordinary images, André Liohn is asking us to question and ultimately revoke the forces that create the circumstances within them, but really he is demanding that the viewer accept and engage with the humanity so passionately and beautifully described. - Thomas Roma

Back in August
André Liohn & Maira Ramos at CAIXA Cultural
André Liohn, Giancarlo Roma & Thomas Roma at CAIXA Cultural
Lamono Magazine's 100th Issue feature click <here> for readable PDF

Click here to listen to Thomas and Giancarlo T. Roma interviewed about The Waters of Our Time by Tom Edwards on Monocle 24 out of London

Click here to listen to Hillary Frank's Interview with Thomas and Giancarlo Roma.  

If you want to hear the longer version of the interview, click here to go to Hillary Frank's podcast "The Shortest Longest Time."

Airs the following times:

WNYC | New York, NY | 93.9 FM | Saturday; 4PM, Sunday; 11AM, Monday; 8PM 

WNYC | New York, NY | 820 AM | Sunday; 2PM

A selection from what will be on display in Rome this fall at Museo D'Arte Contemporanea Roma for the FOTOGRAFIA Festivale Internazionale 2014  

"Though our dogs often seem to love us sapiens even better than we love each other, their other side is prehistoric and feral. There they are spoor-nuzzlers, tongue-raiders, offal-eaters, parasites, terrorists. What a sharp idea Thomas Roma has had, don’t you think? — that we should see as much bandit dog-spirit in their shadows as in their faces or their clever bodies. Maybe more. It’s a notion almost as doggish as the mutts themselves."                                                                                                                                                             - Leo Rubinfien